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Facebook & Google keep all the profits, but you don’t see results

Managing ads on these platforms is made to seem easy,
but you end up spending more than you earn.

On the other hand, if you stop advertising altogether it ends up costing you more.
“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”
-Henry Ford

Feeling discouraged about your PPC campaigns? You shouldn’t.
You just need an experienced team to create a strategy and help you bring in results.
Your business needs and deserves full attention.

Trust a team that cares about your success

10Κ leads

10Κ leads

Generated more than 10.000 leads for our clients.

€5Μ Revenue

€5Μ Revenue

Generated more than 5.000.000€ in revenue for eCommerce.

10 Years

10 Years

Of consistency, ethos and reliability.



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Google & Facebook ads management

Why you need both

Facebook and Google are two of the most popular ad networks these days, and for good reason. Both deliver amazing results to  businesses that use them.

One of the most common mistakes you’ll catch businesses making is utilizing one or the other to run their ads; a deadly mistake!

In fact, when you combine the advantages of Google and Facebook, you’ll witness the highest results online advertising has to offer.

In 2020 we took on ads management for Lavaart Cosmetics, which until then only ran their campaigns on Facebook. After adding Google ads, in combination with optimizing their Facebook ads, we managed to reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer (CPA) by 70% and increased customer profits by 300%. (Check out our Case Study here…)

However if your budget does not allow you to start with both, at least start with the one that caters to your needs more.

Differences between Google & Facebook ads

Google & Facebook ads are both different yet similar in terms of targeting options on each platform.

Both can be used for Awareness Campaigns, Lead Generation, Sales and Re-marketing.

However, depending on each case, we would work with a different targeting method, different campaigns and different budgets for the platforms.

For example, an eCommerce business that sells products that justify spontaneous buying without much thought, would have better results with a 70% budget on Facebook / Instagram and a 30% on Google’s network.

Similarly, a company with high margins that focuses on Leads (such as doctors’ services) would see better results by reversing the ads’ budget management. 60-70% budget on Google ads and 30-40% on Facebook – Instagram ads.

There are numerous cases and sub cases on how to find the best strategy to manage ads. To find out what best suits your business, book an appointment with us and we will guide you through it.

When are the ads going to bring in results?

It really depends on the industry,  the budget and on a number of other factors such as seasonality, target audience,  infrastructure, etc.

For Google Search ads, you could start today, and tomorrow morning your phone will be blowing up!

Google ads in combination with Search Campaigns  produce results a bit faster because people are actively looking for what you are selling or offering.

It may take longer for Facebook ads to yield tangible results, because captivating your audience comes first.

However, both networks can produce incredible outcomes if given enough time – it just depends on your business goals and patience.

What results should you expect from Google and Facebook ads?

One of the most asked questions, with many possible answers. The performance could be anywhere from 0 ROAS to 30 (yes, in some cases, even 30 ROAS is possible).

Most don’t get above Zero (0) ROAS and quit before seeing any results.

There are several stages to this process. The first being the Break Even Point during which we focus on creating profitable ads in order to get as much away from zero (0) ROAS as possible.

Then, month by month we increase the ROAS based on the collected data. The amount of time it will take to see results depends on how much time we have to work on the account as well as the budget available  for exporting data.

Be extra vigilant with companies that “guarantee” numbers, such as “Guaranteed x7 ROAS“, as no real professional, will make such generic and unsubstantial promises, without first seeing the performance of your account.


Why should I choose SocialActive to manage my ads?

You don’t have to pick us!
You can start on your own and dedicate your precious time to reading and experimenting with dozens of theories and methods that you will find on the internet.
After having already wasted time and money, you’ll eventually find some method which works for your industry and business.
It’s just, we’ve done this every day for 10 years!
We don’t have to experiment anymore.
We already know what works!
We have been Certified Google Partners for over a decade. We are one of the first companies to reach Google’s objectives and participate in training programs in their offices since 2012 – High Flyers.
We have shared our knowledge, as instructors, with hundreds of participants worldwide and we have also won international awards based on results we were able to deliver to our customers – 2020 Best International PPC Campaign Award (Peak Performance, powered by Google).
Of course you can always choose to collaborate with any digital marketing agency of your choosing as long as they are specialized in managing Facebook and Google ads.
But be aware, as most people turn to the professionals that built their website. Most web design companies claim that they offer promotional and marketing services. But this does not mean that it’s true.
Make sure the company you contact about managing your business’ ads, is proficient, has experience and provides proven results from other clients. Facebook ads and Google ads certifications are a plus.
Also, give them time to do their job. If after 6 months or 1 year you are not happy with the results their efforts are bringing in, we can offer you a free audit to professionally evaluate the work executed.
If after the audit we judge that your account could perform much better we will let you know. We will do the same if the company you’ve been working with is doing the best they can.
It’s important that at the end of the day you get partners who care about your brand and can help it grow.



Ads Management Services

Managing Google Ads

We provide specialized Google Ads management services to help you get the most out of your ad campaigns.
Our team will work with you to create targeted advertising campaigns that focus on achieving results.
We also provide ongoing optimization and reporting to ensure that your campaigns perform at their optimum level.

Managing Facebook Ads

To get the best results, we recommend a combination of Google Ads management services with specialized Facebook and Instagram Ads management.
Our team will create targeted advertising campaigns designed to deliver results.
We also maintain your campaigns at their highest performance by providing continuous optimization, reporting and analytics.
Contact us today to learn more about our Google and Facebook Ads management services.
We can help you take your online advertising, and therefore your business, to the next level!

Data Analysis, Google Analytics and Data Studio

“Marketing without metrics is like shooting blindfolded.”
That is why the analysis of your data is the starting point of our digital actions. We provide data analysis services, advanced Google Analytics and Data Studio to all of our customers.
The effectiveness of our actions is recorded in a user-friendly environment which we both can consult in order to confirm the results and their relationship to our goals.
Our team will help you monitor the progress of your account, understand your audience and guide you to make appropriate changes to improve your results.

Call Tracking

A special service to ensure that not a single phone call is missed without having first captured it in the goals and results of the month.
Virtual numbers are practically entered in your website, which route all the calls to your phones, after first recording them.
Along with the call information, we keep track of which campaigns each phone call came from in order to optimize google and / or facebook ads.
This solves a big problem with lost data from direct calls. Book an online free appointment with us to see which solutions suit your business best.




What’s the cost of ads management?

There are 2 separate costs to account for. The first has to do with the payment of the agency that manages these ads and the second with the budget necessary to invest in the relevant media (Google & Facebook).

Ads Management Cost

There are different types of pricing depending on the business model of each agency. The most common forms are:
Fixed Fee – The charge is a fixed price every month and is not affected by the customer’s budget for the advertising channel.
% Ad spend budget – This charge is a percentage of the budget to be invested and changes every month based on this.
Hybrid Fixed Fee & % Budget – Perhaps the most common model used, where there is a fixed fee for basic work and a percentage of the advertising budget.
Performance based / CPA – A quite common method for managing advertising worldwide, where there is a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) goal and the performance agency is paid based on the achievement of the set goal.Partnership – This model provides an area for discussion and deliberation as all cards are on the table. The agency is now paid based on the sales it generates from a percentage of the revenue and does what is required to produce results.

All of the options mentioned have advantages and disadvantages. Book an appointment so we can discuss your needs and guide you to the best scenario for you and your business.
We’re open to all the scenarios, as long as they are the right fit for our clients.

Google & Facebook Cost

The largest advertising platforms in the world have developed the following models (the most common) to charge accounts.
1.CPC: The most common pricing model, where the advertiser pays a fixed price for each click on their ad.
2.CPM: Cost per a thousand impressions, where the advertiser pays a fixed price for every thousand times the ad is displayed.
3.CPV: Cost per view, where the advertiser pays a fixed price for each video view.
4.CPA: Cost based on the result, where the advertiser pays based on the goal he has set. (eg sales in eshop, leads in services)
Integrated Ad Management combines the benefits of both networks to achieve a comprehensive online advertising plan that reaches more customers and leads to better results.

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