Social Media are online communities where common folk can cover their basic needs of communication.

Specifically, social networks give users the opportunity to communicate fast and with minimal effort with hundreds or even thousands of other users, very simply through their computer or mobile phone.

Social media appear in several forms and platforms with some of the most well known today being: Facebook. Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. 

What is Social Media management?

The public and users are daily on Social Media and now every business, small or large, can communicate with them, open a two-way communication channel and develop a meaningful interaction relationship.

Social Media Marketing, or simply Social Media management, is now one of the key axes of digital marketing. It refers to the actions that a brand or company conducts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks to promote itself to the channel’s audience.

Proper Social Media management includes all strategic moves & actions to be carried out as part of a comprehensive projection and communication plan.

It’s a new interactive communication model that’s come to redefine how businesses communicate with consumers. Focusing on the consumer, his needs and how he behaves in the Social Media world, brands and businesses are shaping their Social Media strategy, what they share on social networks, and how they interact with the consumer.

Why should you be active on Social Media?

Consumers spend a lot of time on Social Media every day. Sharing content, sharing photos, playing games, taking part in competitions. Your customers are on Social Media and if you approach them with a proper strategy and interesting content, they will not only listen to your message, but they can also spread it.

What you gain from social media with the right management!

You’re opening up an open communication channel with your audience.

You are where your audience is and you can talk to them at any time. You give your customers and any other user who wishes to speak with your business, to ask you about any matter that concerns him or her about your product or services.

You create a more friendly profile.

Social Media are by nature  more relaxed, more interactive and human. So your presence, and, gives the consumer the image that he can reach you more easily, that you are close to him and that he can talk to you at any time.

Establishment or strengthening of brand awareness.

Your brand comes into contact with much of your common goal daily and reminds them of your presence.With every post you make, you build your business branding.

You’re projecting your work.

Every day is special and as a professional will achieve a lot. Social Media is the right means to share with your fans your news, to present your achievements or creations, to talk about your distinctions.

You get publicity.

By showcasing your success, news, and creating a meaningful relationship with your audience, your name will appear more and more often; consumers Like, Share or Comment on posts on your page, and you eventually gain online and offline publicity. Your Brand is spread by word of mouth.

You’re building a special relationship with your audience.

This is your main goal from your presence on social media. Have (ideally) a daily contact with users, create a more personal relationship with them, convince them of your value, earn their trust and finally remember and choose you when they need the product or services you offer.

You create ambassadors.

Social Media can help you not only get new customers but also loyal customers. Customers who will gladly say a good word about you and recommend you to friends, relatives and acquaintances. Customers who will defend your product/service if someone writes something negative about it. You create a loyal community!

You become their first choice.

By building a special relationship with your audience, you know that you will be their first choice when your products or services are needed. So you get new customers, steady clients, and increase your revenue.

Did you know your customers want to see you on Social Media?

When a business manages social media properly and effectively, its customers feel that the business hears their comments, needs, and values their response. This creates an interaction that consumers like and develops a climate of confidence. The consumer finally places the business high in his mind and in his choices and ties with it.

Do you agree that by using Social Media correctly your company will gain a lot?

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