First impressions are everything!

The same goes for social media. Within the first 7 minutes of a profile view, who you are and what you do should be straightforward. 

Therefore whether you use Instagram for personal or professional use, it’s necessary to make a good first impression if you’re planning on attracting new followers and potential clients. 

Yes, the Instagram bio is a tool that can bring you followers… as long as it’s structured properly. 

Are you ready to transform your Instagram bio in order to persuade users to press that “follow” button? 

1. Your profile picture is everything

It’s important to choose a high quality photograph for your profile, or simply add your logo so it’s instantly recognizable to users. If you’re an influencer, blogger or entrepreneur then choose a photograph with your brightest smile! A good technique is putting your photograph on a solid background, in order to stand out from the rest of the accounts.  

2. Improve your Instagram name

One of the steps you must take when creating a good Instagram bio, is ensuring that your name is as good as it gets, and includes a keyword that describes your field.  For example if you’re a personal trainer, apart from writing your full name you can also include the title of your specialization. This way when users search for personal trainers on Instagram, they’ll be able to easily find the right account, including yours!

personal trainer 1

Instagram takes names and usernames into account when searched for, therefore it’s a good idea to improve both.

3. Add a category

If you are running a business profile on Instagram, you can pick a category. This will appear under your name – above your Instagram bio, and can help viewers see what you do in a glimpse of an eye

Adding a category frees up space from your Instagram bio, since you don’t have to repeat this information. 

instagram irisdjikers

4. Show them who you are!

Highlight your skills to your Target Audience.

A good Instagram bio describes what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. And you have to successfully present that in just 150 characters. 

If you’re a businessperson, you can use your bio to help you stand out in your field. Think about your skills and experiences that might interest potential followers or something that makes you stand out. 

5. Add a call to action before the link

Instagram only allows users one link on their bio in order to ensure they’re not going off the platform. Therefore, use this to your advantage as wisely as you can. 

Add a strong call to action above the url and make it stand out, for example by using emojis so that users understand what they should be clicking. 

 Tips: Add the link from your site or bog, even an offer that you might be running at the moment. 

Instagram allows for only one link that leads you to an external website, therefore it’s important to be strategic with the way you use it. 

If you decide to commit it to your web page, you’ll have to update your bio every time you have something new you want to share with your followers. 

Luckily, there’s a tool that can make your life much easier, save you time and also get you more page visits. 

So, instead of having to constantly change your URL and CTA address on your bio, lord of the links creates a destination page which allows you to add as many links as you like. 

By using LOTL you make navigation to specific product or service pages much easier for users. 

And best of all?

We give it to you for free when you activate our services!If you want to utilize the link on your instagram bio to lead to more visits to several links, such as blog posts, campaign landing pages, or specific product pages, you can make your users’ experience one of a kind with Lord of the Links. 

7. Add more buttons (or CTAs)

If you have a business profile then you’re able to add your phone number, email and instructions to your address. 

Additionally you can add call to action buttons to encourage your audience to send a message or even make an order, something you can now do on your stories.

order food

8.Use keywords

Using specific keywords on your Instagram bio will help you earn followers that follow accounts similar to yours. 

Pick keywords that show what you have to offer to your audience; skills, interests or anything that you believe fits the interests of the audience you want to approach. 

Tip: To choose the right keywords, look at similar accounts to yours and think about how you’re different. Show what you offer and make yourself unique. Your bio is the ideal place to present who you are and what you do in the best way possible. 

9. Be Creative

Using emojis is one way of sharing more information with just one character. Also, it shows off your brand’s character. It adds color and just makes it more fun. 

Dunya ivf clinic bio

10. Add a branded hashtag that represents you

This way you can encourage your audience to use it when they want to refer to your brand. This way you can collect UCG (user generated content, meaning content that is made by your audience for you). 

Also by adding your hashtag to your bio, you give users the option to view all the content your followers have posted by clicking on it and that is very strong social proof for your brand.

branded hashtag

Tip: Don’t write it all in one paragraph. People tend to scan and not read information online. Give your text some space by writing it in lines. This will make your IG bio easy to read!

11.Create story highlight covers

Found just below your IG bio, their goal is to save stories you believe your following should watch again and again. Covers will help your account be aesthetically pleasing while making it look neat, so users can find your content quickly and easily.

Highlights Covers

I understand how many issues concern Social Media management, but it’s worth investing a little time and effort into the process we just described. 

While your brand develops and progresses, you can invest a little time every now and then to check your IG bio to ensure that it’s always telling the right story. 

Now you know how to make your Instagram bio stand out. Use these 11 tips to attract the right audience on a platform that is getting more popular by the day!

If you need help or ideas on how to create an exceptional Instagram bio, explore our services and let’s talk about collaborating! 

I like helping businesses like yours on social media, so that they succeed as they deserve.