Congratulations for deciding to showcase your business on Social Media. The very first thing you have to determine is your Social Media Strategy. To start on the right foot you have to be certain that your goals and strategy are clear. This will happen if you can provide straightforward answers to the questions below. 

Clarify what it is you actually want to achieve through social media for your business, and answer the following questions honestly. Based on your answers, you will be able to set goals and establish your strategy. 

5 & 1 questions you have to ask yourself before getting started.

What goals are you trying to reach by engaging on social media?

This is the first and most fundamental question you have to answer, which will also determine the Social Media strategy you will follow. Each Social Media network can help you in specific ways and accommodate specific goals and strategies.  

What do you want to achieve?

To make your products known or your services? To build a relationship with your customers? To lead buyers to your website? To enhance your brand’s image? To increase your brand’s visibility? To collect buyers’ data? 

Who is your audience?

Define your audience – goal and specifically: sex, age, socioeconomic status, education, interests. Divide your audience into primary and secondary categories. 

Which social channels does your audience use?

Every social network has its own fans, meaning a specific category of users who choose to use it. The specific users’ profiles should match with the profiles of your customers. 

What kind of content will you be sharing on Social Media? 

Depending on the content you want to share with friends on Social Media, you can choose the corresponding network. For example, if you have many videos, Youtube and Vimeo are a great choice. If your material consists of many photographs in specific categories, then Pinterest should be included in the Social Media Channels you choose. 

What’s your available budget? 

Before choosing Social Media and the actions you’ll be taking on each, you have to determine the budget you’re willing to invest. Based on that, you can design your presence as well as the actions for your exposure.

What are your competitors doing?

If you want your Social Media presence to bring you ahead of your competitors, you’ll have to study their moves in order to take actions that will make you stand out and enhance your image on Social Media. 

Additional factors to consider:

  • How much time do you and your personnel have to work on Social Media? If your time is limited choose one or two channels and instantly reach out to someone who can assist you. Save time by assigning your content creation to a specialist. 
  • What kind of content can you easily create or have available to share with your audience (text,images, video))?
  • Quality content. Photographs as well as any imagery that accompanies your posts should be impeccable. Shaky or blurry photographs, misspelling and grammatical errors,make a very bad impression.  
  • Do you have a new business that is trying to build a reputation or  a well-established business wishing to build and/or strengthen its market share?

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